Allow me to give you images you expect... this is your brand, its the image... a vision on how others perceive you... no words... just a picture... 

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As a professional photographer 
my career has progressed quickly... and thankfully has been received well in my chosen markets. 
My main focus is beauty and advertising shoots, 

I frequently travel... 
Markets i have worked in include and continue to are: 

New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Germany, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong India, Greece and my home country, Australia.

Now represented in Europe and India.. and here in Australia I work as freelance where I can deal direct with my clients and help them achieve what they expect. 

My main focus for 2015 is Australia and Europe . Also in the mix, now being a part of one of India's best creative agencies I will be making short trips into that market As well... Yes a busy year ahead.... 
My back ground is business and Marketing, And I understand clients and their needs... I do more than just photograph, I produce, cast and make it my business to understand a clients direction to fulfil what I'm commissioned for... giving the client beautiful images to support there brand. 

Thank you again for taking the time to view my profile and a sample of my work... For more information about your photographic needs please feel free to email me and to discuss your next shoot and how I can help to move your brand forward... 

Kind Regards
George Favios


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